Joe Gleason

Joe Gleason is AHT’s Director of Risk Management where he works directly with AHT clients to develop, refine and maximize the efficiency of their global risk management strategies and systems. From initial risk strategy planning to continual risk management process and service examination, Joe’s expertise is a completely unique asset to AHT and its clients.

Joe joined AHT in 2015 with over 17 years of experience in operations and global security roles at the National Democratic Institure (NDI) where he provided direct support for 60+ field offices in complex and developing countries, conceptualized and built the organization-wide security management function, and negotiated contracts and managed relationships with security, crisis support and medical assistance providers. In this role, he managed the organization’s response to a range of crises and incidents, coordinating the effective employment of both internal and external resources.

Through is career, Joe has been a member of professional risk and security organizations including the Overseas Security Advisory Council International Development Working Group and the International NGO Safety and Security Association. He has spoken on a range of topics including evacuation, crisis management and duty of care with InsideNGO, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, the Worldwide Broker Network and others.