What is INSSA?

INSSA is the Largest Global Non-profit Membership Association of NGO Security Risk Management Professionals.

INSSA promotes safety and security of aid workers operating in dangerous environments through Professionalisation and Standardisation of Security Risk Management, Education and Professional Development of SRM practitioners, Collaboration and Advocacy

Founded in 2008, INSSA's membership has exceeded 5,000 individuals from NGOs and affiliated sectors, globally. 

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INSSA's Statement on World Humanitarian Day 2023

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INSSA-CSD Excellence Awards with Financial Bursary Equivalent to $1,000 (per Award)

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INSSA Newsletter August 2023

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INSSA Insights Podcast/Vidcast

INSSA Security Risk Management Professional Certification - Now available in FOUR Languages!!

In partnership with DisasterReady,  we are excited to launch the Security Risk Management Professional certification examinations in Arabic Language!

SRMP-Country level and SRMP-Regional level are the most widely recognised and celebrated NGO focused Security Risk Management Professional certifications designed by and for the NGO security professionals.

The examinations are available in English, Spanish, French and now in Arabic.

All you need is a free account on DisasterReady, click on any of the links below depending on your language preference, and start your professional development journey.





The SRMP examinations are available FREE of cost.

NGO Security Toolbox

Our Partner Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) has just released an NGO Security Toolbox, a useful online resource that offers easily accessible NGO security resources, tools, and templates. The toolbox enables both security specialists and non-security staff to access practical resources and tools and helps them put in place basic safety and security measures without having to start from scratch. This toolbox is particularly useful for small or medium-sized organisations and programmes developing their Security Risk Management (S.R.M.) processes, so please share the toolbox with individuals and organisations you know are looking to develop their SRM capacity.

The resources within the toolbox are drawn from GISF's own guides, research papers and articles, together with leading guidance within the sector, and valuable examples and templates shared by GISF's members. All resources in the toolbox are free to use and can be adapted to suit your organisation or your operational context.

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Professionalisation of NGO safety and security risk management is INSSA’s core mission, which is only made possible through the generous financial support of our donors, sponsors, and individual members.

To help us continue this critical work, please consider donating to INSSA by pledging a monthly donation or make one-time contribution.  

Your financial support will make a positive impact in achieving our mission. Thank you.

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