Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Because the security risk management profession is constantly changing and evolving, it is important for certified INSSA professionals to continually update their competencies and knowledge.

SRMP-C and SRMP-R certified individuals maintain certification by earning 180 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) quarter-credits (equivalent of 45-hours of learning) every 3-years starting on the date of initial certification. INSSA has established a process to allocate quarter-credits to a variety of learning opportunities. For example, watching an approved 15-minute podcast will receive 1 quarter-credit while completing an approved 1-hour training will receive 4 quarter-credits.

The CPD Program is hosted by our partner,   Certified individuals are automatically enrolled in the CPD Program and will receive an email from DisasterReady with instructions on how to access the program. There is no cost to participate in the CPD program.  Learn more by clicking HERE.

Requirements to Maintain Certification

SRMP-C or SRMP-R Certified individuals must earn 180 CPD quarter-credits (equivalent of 45-hours of learning) within a 3-year period starting on the date of initial certification.

If you do not achieve 180 quarter-credits within 3-years you will no longer be certified. Certification status can be renewed once all 180 quarter-credits are completed.

Professional Development Categories

Certified individuals will receive CPD quarter-credits when completing qualified activities that correspond to INSSA security risk management competencies as defined in the INSSA Competency Framework.

Given the realities and needs of Security Risk Management Professionals, INSSA created three avenues by which SRMP-C and SRMP-R certified professionals can attain continuing professional development quarter-credits: Continuous Learning, Organizational Development, and Professional Advancement.

There are a variety of learning opportunities to achieve quarter-credits including self-paced online courses, books, videos, webinars, conferences, classroom-based training, work projects, and more.  Self-paced online learning opportunities include English, French, and Spanish

Access the CPD User Guide to learn more about the CPD Program.  The CPD User Guide is in English with French and Spanish coming soon.