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Demonstrate your organization's commitment to humanitarian access to the most vulnerable populations on the planet. By supporting INSSA, you help the NGO security sector unite and professionalize. The more skilled and qualified our NGO security professionals are, the better they can enable their organisations access to the areas that are hardest to reach and where the needs are highest.

Who can become a supporter? Almost anyone who wishes to commit to INSSA’s mission. Both non-profit and for-profit Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), international government and private donor agencies, foundations, universities and academic institutions as well as corporate entities. * This cross-section of organizations contributes to the promotion of best practices and innovation in the field of NGO safety and security.

Donors and Sponsors

Our Donors and Sponsors help advance INSSA's mission through financial support and/or services or products in kind.

Strategic Ally

Our Strategic Allies enter into a collaboration with INSSA that is consistent and aligned with INSSA’s mission.

Commitment and Participation

Help frame the direction of NGO safety and security policy by connecting with leaders in the aid and assistance sphere to draw attention to the safety and security needs of humanitarian, development and human rights organisations worldwide.

Your commitment enables humanitarian agencies access to the most vulnerable people, giving them a chance, delivering change.

 * INSSA reserves the right to enter into supporter agreements with those parties that are compatible with INSSA's mission and vision.


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