INSSA is the largest global nonprofit membership association of NGO security risk management professionals.

INSSA promotes safety and security of aid workers operating in dangerous environments through Professionalisation and Standardisation of Security Risk Management, Education and Professional Development of SRM practitioners, Collaboration and Advocacy


To enhance the professional development and build the safety and security capacity of those working in the humanitarian aid and development sectors.


A world in which humanitarian and development assistance is safely accessed and delivered to people in need.


INSSA was founded in 2008 as the first individual membership association for NGO security risk management professionals. Its creation originated from an initiative of security management professionals who were part of InterAction’s Security Advisory Group. INSSA was incorporated on 12th May 2010, and was granted non-profit, tax-exempt status in February 2011. The association has since grown to over 5000 members from NGOs and affiliated sectors across the world.