Board of Directors

INSSA’s Board of Directors reflects the importance of a network for and by NGO security professionals. All Board Members work for or have worked for or with humanitarian and development organizations. The Board consists of professionals from humanitarian organisations, the corporate sector and independent security networks. All Board Members are voluntary members, who donate their time, commitment and passion for INSSA's mission to unite and professionalize NGO safety and security risk management.

Directors & Board Officers 

Javeria Malik, Chair, Board of Directors. South Africa/Pakistan

Jim LeBlanc, Vice Chair, Canada/United States

Armstrong Maina, Board Secretary, Kenya

Vacant  Treasurer, United States

Vivian Aoga Odero - Kenya 

Tammie Emuron, United States

Julia Pataki, Romania/ Ethiopia

Amaury T. Cooper,  United States/France

Franco Sanchez, Europe

Alexandre Carle, United Kingdom


Ex Officio & Honorary Members

Rick Morris, Chair Advisory Council, USA

Ryan Kelley, INSSA Legal Advisor, United States

Dominic Crowley, Chair Emeritus, Ireland

Advisory Council Members

Rick Morris, Chair Advisory Council,  United States

Chris Mayer, Vice Chair Advisory Council. 

Ryan Kelly, INSSA Legal Advisor, United States

Ebe Brons, The Netherlands

Amaro Martins, Portugal

Mila Shutova, Switzerland

Maryam A. Hussain, Australia

Michael O'Neill, United States

Shaun Bickley, United Kingdom

Dr. Alexander Hasenstab, Germany

Stone Conroy, United States

Norman D. Sheehan, Ireland/United States

Mel Smith, United States

Trevor Hughes, Switzerland

Mike Tomkins, New Zealand

Erik Landemalm, United States