Become a Member

INSSA's members include security professionals, security focal points, risk managers and those who work in field that link to safety and security risk management. Our member come from humanitarian, development, environmental and human rights organisations, as well as from the private sector, government donor and non-donor agencies, international governmental organizations, academic institutions and private foundations. As INSSA is an individual membership organisations, our members are also consultants and technical specialists.

Individual Member Benefits

Connect with the 2,700 INSSA members who have already preceded you in joining the world's largest individual NGO safety and security network organisation.

Education and Professional Development

  • Certification: INSSA members have access to the certification process for NGO Security Risk Management Professionals at country level.
  • Continued Professional Development: The Continued Professional Development Platform offers a wealth of revelant, innovating and inspiring resources to maintain and expand your knowledge, skills and career.

Collaboration and Resource Sharing

  • Member Directory: INSSA’s online community gives access to the association’s global database of practitioners and NGO security implementers enabling members to contact and share information with each other.
  • Mentoring Program: The INSSA website gives members the opportunity to enter into a mentorship with a more experienced security risk management professional. Share, learn and grow!


  • Briefings, Seminars, and Networking: INSSA occasionally hosts briefings, seminars, and networking events. These events bring together leading subject matter experts from around the world providing insights on issues and concerns facing INSSA members. INSSA also works with its partners and affiliates to develop events on relevant topics, and when possible, extends member discounts on charged fees.

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