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Member Engagement and Security Benchmarking

Systems to manage risk and respond to critical incidents within the NGO and international development community have evolved steadily in recent years. Driven in part by the increasing awareness of the need to meet Duty of Care obligations – to provide reasonable measures to address foreseeable risks – these systems have grown into a strong body of best practice.

Despite the evolution in this area, information on the extent to which these best practices have been adopted and their effectiveness has been largely anecdotal. The 2018 INSSA Membership Survey is an effort to capture both quantitative information on the adoption of these best practices as well as how well they are at managing risk. The results of the survey offer a snapshot of the best practices in place, providing the community with peer benchmarking data in this essential area of operational management.

The survey also provided INSSA members with an opportunity to reflect on their engagement with INSSA and how the organization can better support members.

Michael O’Neill, the Chair of INSSA’s Board of Directors, welcomed the launch of the recent report from Humanitarian Outcomes, noting the importance of the report in continuing to highlight the threats facing aid workers in the delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to at risk populations around the world.

In addition to the usual analysis of the pattern of attacks against aid worker, this year’s report focuses on the pattern of sexual violence and how the risks facing female and male aid workers differs in programme contexts.

The report covers the data on the Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) up…

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