Mentoring Program


One of INSSA’s objectives is to bring the NGO security community closer together, to stimulate knowledge sharing and particularly to bring the professionalism of the community as a whole to a higher level. The aim of the Mentoring Program is to support security professionals in improving their skills in managing safety and security within their organisation through personal mentoring. In most organisations the security professional is somewhat isolated. The INSSA Mentoring Program is a unique way for both Mentors and Mentees to enrich their professional and interpersonal skills.


The Mentor’s support to the Mentee can be tactical/operational in nature, strategic or a combination of both. It could be a Global level Security Advisor being mentored by an Executive level Security Director, a Regional level Advisor being mentored by a security professional with Global level responsibilities or a local Security Focal Point being mentored by a Country Security Manager.

A successful Mentorship depends on the commitment of the Mentor and Mentee; they keep each other accountable. There is no fee asked, applications enter the Mentoring Program on a voluntary basis. The content and focus of the mentorship is agreed upon between Mentor and Mentee. Mentor and Mentee also decide the duration of their Mentorship and the frequency of their meetings. Most participants enter a one-year Mentorship with monthly one hour meetings.


Mentees are security professionals or non-professionals with security responsibilities who are either new in their role or have been in their role for some time but feel they could use support to reach a new level of professionalism.

Mentees receive direct one-on-one support from an experienced professional. They discuss situations and problems, find solutions and may receive ‘home work’ in the form of actions they need to do in the time until the next session. The programme will help them get a firmer grip on their position and improve their influence and impact in the organisation or NGO security community.


Mentors are security professionals with a wealth of experience who wish to give back and improve the standard and professionalism of the security community. They are willing to commit time and energy in taking on a Mentee and increasing the effect they are having in their organisation.

The Mentor has the opportunity to work on his transfer of knowledge, support in a coaching manner and to give something back to the community he/she belongs too.


Duration: 1 year
Frequency: Up to the mentor and mentee
Contract: Both parties sign an MOU, which is downloadable from the INSSA website.

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