Programs & Initiatives

The International NGO Safety & Security Association (INSSA) is committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of safety and security for humanitarian relief and development assistance workers operating in complex and dangerous environments around the world. INSSA does this through four main avenues of programming:

Promoting Safety & Security

Representing INSSA’s members and the global humanitarian and development assistance community to help inform policymakers, government agencies, donor organizations, and the general public on the risks faced by aid workers and build better support mechanisms to ensure their safety and security.


Encouraging cooperation, innovation, and resource sharing among aid workers, humanitarian and development assistance organizations, donor agencies, and governmental bodies by creating a network of individuals, organizations, specialists, and a body of knowledge dedicated to the safety and security of aid workers.  

Education & Professional Development

Developing a training curriculum, continued education, and professional development programs for aid workers, NGO safety and security managers, and implementing organizations, as well as conduct and fund research to help draw attention to the community’s needs, identify best practices, and foster new, inventive, and cost effective ways of providing security.


Promoting NGO safety and security as a niche field within the broader security industry through the identification, adoption and implementation of globally recognized policies, protocols and procedures; words, terms, and definitions; methodologies and good practices; and, codes of conduct and cooperation.